Holden Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center

32 Mayo Drive
Holden, MA 01520

Main phone: 508-829-4327
Main fax: 508-829-2530

Administration Contacts

Onsite at Holden Rehab and Nursing Center

Administrator: Tara D’Andrea
Phone: 508-829-1104
Fax: 508-829-1221
Email: TDandrea@oriolhealthcare.com

Medical Director: Dr. Allison Hargreaves
Orthopedic Medical Director: Dr Philip Lahey IV

Director of Nursing: Dawn Auger, RN WCC
Phone: 508-829-1130
Fax: 508-829-1179
Email: DAuger@oriolhealthcare.com

Director of Social Services: Diane Dattis, LSW
Phone: 508-829-1121
Fax: 508-829-1179
Email: DDattis@OriolHealthCare.com

Resident Life Directors:
Heidi Young
Email: HYoung@oriolhealthcare.com
Harry Quick
Email: HQuick@oriolhealthcare.com
Phone: 508-829- 1119
Fax: 508-829- 2530

Dining Services Director: Kevin Mills
Phone: 508-829-1115
Email: KMills@oriolhealthcare.com

Admissions: Tina Sibley
Phone: 508-829-1111
Fax: 508-829-1277
Email: TSibley@oriolhealthcare.com
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Oriol Therapy Services for Outpatient Rehab
Phone: 508-829-1194

Wachusett Respiratory Care Unit
Rebecca Gregory, RN
Phone: 508-847-6685
Fax: 508-829-1278
Email: RGregory@oriolhealthcare.com
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Located at Oriol Health Care Business Office

52 Boyden Road Suite 209
Holden, MA 01520

Patient Billing Information

Accounts Receivable Specialist: Laura Leger
Phone: 508-829-1215
Fax: 508-829-1259
Email: Lleger@oriolhealthcare.com

Employment Information

Human Resources Director: Lori-Ann Piracci
Phone: 508-829-1113
Fax: 508-829-1242
Email: LPiracci@oriolhealthcare.com