Mr. Robert Oriol & Mr. David Oriol, We wanted to take the time to thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding care you gave to Louise’s mother during her three plus year stay at your facility.

Your Holden facility is absolutely beautiful and extremely well maintained. Your entire staff (far too many to mention by name although Louise got to know them well) are all very dedicated, well trained professionals. The care they provided to her day in and day out was second to none.

Sophie passed on at the age of 91 earlier this month. She will be missed but your outstanding service to her will be remembered. Thank you again for all you and your staff did for our family.

We would like to say thank you for the great care you provided our friend, William, during his stay at your facility. Initially, we were apprehensive about the situation; however, all personnel and staff made us feel welcome and our friend cared for during this time of great need. We are extremely grateful for the attention and thoughtfulness provided to our friend and the reassurance we received that he was comfortable during his last weeks with us. All the support you provided, both administratively and emotionally, was greatly appreciated and we couldn’t have asked for more during this difficult time. Thank you for all your care and compassion.

I have experienced Fairlawn Rehab and now Oriol Rehab (Holden). I have found everyone at Oriol is very encouraging and Rehab Director Maria Pappas can look into your eyes and see resolve and strength you didn’t know you had. This is tempered with understanding of your limitations and frustrations. The rehab staff was all professional and they get the best from everyone to help them get better. They are an outstanding crew. The staff and nurses are outstanding and concerned and they will listen to you which is of utmost importance. The frustrations of being unable to do tasks that were always automatic are understood and helped with. I would not hesitate to recommend the facility to anyone. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all for giving me the will to go on.

Oriol Therapy Services – Dear “A” Team, Thank you for all the physical and attitude help you gave me during my visits. You can tell Deb I’m standing straighter, keeping my toes up, breathing through my nose and not being tipsy unless I have a drink or two!

What a fine group of people you are; so warm, so friendly and fun loving. All of these attributes made every one of my visits most enjoyable as well as productive. Keep up your good work as you enjoy each other. Thanks for all you’ve done!

Oriol Therapy Services – Deb, Kathy, John, Maria and every other person in therapy dept, Thank you for all your wonderful care and also for all your encouragement. Because of you I am doing wonderful!!! We miss you all!!!

Oriol Health Care – Time passes quickly and sometimes we forget to thank those who contribute so much to the well being of our seniors and help to make our Center an attractive place to be.

The fitness programs offered by Oriol by way of Marty French have been the prime mover in keeping elders fit and aware of their own health. This leads to an awareness of keeping fit and healthy. This in turn has been the prime factor in keeping them from rides in the ambulance and months of therapy.

Please extend our sincere thanks to the Oriol family and our hope that they will continue the sponsorship of the program. Those who attend are regularly reminded of those who extend this kindness.

Holden Nursing Home goes above and beyond

Recently I became so ill that I had to go to St. Vincent’s hospital by ambulance. After not too many hours in the emergency room, I was transferred to another room. All of the sudden I was transferred again, only this time to the Intensive Care Unit for a week. The time came for me to be moved to a rehabilitation facility. I was 51 years old, lived alone and needed my antibiotic by IV for another week. I was moved by ambulance to the Holden Nursing Home. There I was sharing a room when a 94-year-old woman. I was scared, I was angry and I felt like my rights were taken away.

Jenn the nurse admitted me, and she would later become my hero. Also the hospital said I was diabetic, so that was new to me and I didn’t want to accept it. I shed a few tears.

By that night, all machines I needed were there, medicine from nurses, I was on oxygen, supper came, and a nebulizer for breathing treatments came. George was the evening nurse, he was jovial and very professional. He even got me a snack and some diet ginger ale.

All of the aids that come in the room were nice and even better, were happy. I first met Tonya and Amaril – sweet girls with the greatest respect.

Now this was a big place and they all knew me by name, so I tried as a challenge to learn all their names. When the week was over, I did a pretty good job.

The weekend came and Lynn was the nurse on duty. She taught me about diabetes. Even let me do the blood sugar readings and injections by myself. She was like a friend to me.

Ellen gave me a walk around the whole building inside with a portable oxygen tank. She was so nice to me. Shirley gave me a shower in a chair and washed my hair. It felt like a million bucks. They put lotion on my dry feet. I was beginning to feel like I was at a spa.

Monday came and a new week started and I met Patty and Pam. They were there to take care of my roommate, but they made sure to welcome me and ask if I needed anything.

Alexander was the nurse on duty. I learned a lot from him. How to prick my finger and where for the least amount of pain and gave me Tylenol as needed for lung pain.

Joan the social worker wore stunning outfits and we did lots of paperwork together. Somehow we got talking about microwave ovens and I told her mine broke down and she offered to give me a small one that she didn’t use. The day I was leaving she brought it in as promised and I have been using it so much at home. I thank her for doing that.

Carol from housekeeping and I were about the same age and we became friends. She was so nice to me and it made me feel more comfortable about being there. She was really pretty and had beautiful long blond hair which was up in a ponytail. I looked forward to her visits in the morning and the afternoon.

Justine from occupational therapy was extra nice to me also. She gave me some small tests to pass to make sure I could go home and be on my own. Janet – oh, she was extra friendly toward me and helped my self esteem. She was a nurse and even held my hand on a walk through the building. She even hugged me when I was leaving. She was so special to me. Maria was so professional and had a million-dollar smile. I looked forward to seeing her. If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry but it has been a long recovery for me at home.

My roommate was on hospice and her caretaker Kim from UMass noticed how nauseous I was. I said I needed a Diet Coke to settle my stomach and she went to the kitchen – they were all out so she went outside of the building to a vending machine and bought me a Diet Coke with her own money! I cried because it was such a nice thing to do. So you see, the Holden Nursing Home is more than just a nursing home. All the employees together make it a home with a loving, beating heart. Thank you to all!

Mr. Oriol, I wish to commend you on the great nursing care in the Holden Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, and for all the love and compassion all of your staff gave to my husband Howard H. in the 3 1/2 months he was in their care.

My family and I wish to express once again our gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff at Holden Nursing and Rehab for the wonderful and loving care extended to Mike during his one and a half years’ stay there. All of Mike’s needs were attended to in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.

Mike was able to establish many warm, personal relationships which helped to ease the difficult transition from home. Our family was made to feel welcome at all times. We feel blessed that we chose Holden Nursing and Rehab for Mike and will be forever grateful to everyone there who took great care of him.

Family Grateful for Nursing Home Experience – Nowadays, stories about poor nursing home care are widespread in the newspapers and on television. It is very disheartening to hear of someone’s loved one falling victim to a poorly run facility, not receiving the medication, attention or general care that he or she needs.

Holden Nursing Home has given us a wonderful nursing home story to share. It was unfortunate this wonderful experience culminated in the death of our mother, Frances D., but we all feel comforted knowing she was in such capable and caring hands at the end of her life.

The entire staff at Holden Nursing Home was phenomenal. They knew how to make her laugh, get her to eat and to take her medication. And they were pros at dealing with her difficult personality due to dementia. After my mother suffered a life threatening heart attack three weeks before her death, they cried with us, comforted us and held our hands while we tried to deal with the imminent death of our mother.

We give our most heartfelt thanks to the Holden Nursing Home staff. They took great care of our mother that lessened our burden, and they gave her the respect and the dignity that every nursing home patient should receive. Our hearts go out to them and we will never forget their kindnesses to our mother and friendships to us, especially in her final days.

The Oriols should be proud of the quality care their facility delivers and their wonderful staff.

We would like to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful care that our mother, Jean H. received while in your facility. You have a dedicated, kind, caring and skilled group of individuals in your employment.

Throughout the last 5 years, but especially over the last few weeks, your staff provided such comfort to Mom and to our family. They were compassionate and accommodating. We are sure that in the last days, we were in the way and perhaps interfered with routine and traffic, but we were never made to feel that way. They provided comfort and caring, not only to our mother but to us all.

Although there are many wonderful individuals who cared for Mom, we feel it is important to name several special people who we noticed were closest to her and to us. Rebecca and Maryann met her daily needs and cared for her as they would their own mother. Lynn gently and carefully made her last day comfortable. Bonnie, Sarah, Martha, Felicity and Shayna provided excellent nursing care as well as comforting the family during this difficult time. Last but not least, Sheila who has been there through some very difficult times and always on top of things. She is a great nurse and asset to your “family” and has been a blessing to ours. Please be assured that although we have not mentioned everyone by name, their acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed and for that, we will be eternally grateful. You should be very proud of them all.

Thank you again for all you have done.